Why is the Dps on my profile different?

  1. Rounding
  2. RoS Web Display Issue
  3. Character Last Played Long Time ago

1. Rounding

Diablo 3 Tracker displays two decimal places for Dps. Battle.net profile page rounds Dps to 1 decimal place if it's over 10k, and rounds Dps to just integers if it's over 100k.

Here's an example.

2. RoS Web Display Issue

This might be the most common reason. It should only happen when your character is equipped with earlier version items.

Please refer to 'RoS' display fix for a complete explanation.

3. Character Last Played Long Time ago

The original Diablo 3 and earlier patches use a little different formulas to calculate the final Dps. If you haven't played for a long time, Dps on Battle.net profile might be outdated. Also,

Earlier possible reasons before Reaper of Souls:

  1. Passive Skill and Follower Skill Bonus
  2. Active Skill and "Real-time" Passive Skill Bonus
  3. How you Exit the Game

1. Passive Skill and Follower Skill Bonus

Passive skills always have effects on a Diablo character's attributes. For example, Barbarian's "Ruthless" always increases the hero's Critical Hit Chance by 5% and Critical Damage by 50%.
On the other hand, a follower's skills only have effects when the follower is currently hired. For example, Scoundrel's "Anatomy" increases the hero's Critical Hit Chance by 3% only have when he's currently hired in a single player game. Followers are dismissed in multiplayer games and can be manually dismissed at any time.

Diablo 3 Tracker has a "Stats related skills" toolbar as shown below,

Expand and see all stats related passive skills and follower skills. Take a monk page as an example,

  • Related passive skills are enabled by default. Users can deselect any passive skills.
  • Follower skills are disabled by default. Users can select a follower.

After you change passive skill or follower selection, click "Update Stats" and you will see the skill effects.

2. Active Skill and "Real-time" Passive Skill Bonus

Some characters have active skills to boost your damage. For example,

  1. Barbarian's Battle Rage: Increases damage by 15% and Critical Hit Chance by 3% for 120 seconds.
  2. Witch doctor's Soul Harvest: ... Gain 130 Intelligence for each affected enemy...

Meanwhile, some characters' passive skills can increase your damage under certain circumstances. For example,

  1. Monk's Combination Strike: Each different Spirit Generator ability you use increases your damage by 8% for 3 seconds.
  2. Witch doctor's Gruesome Feast: When healed by a health globe, you gain 10% of your maximum Mana and 10% Intelligence for 10 seconds. The Intelligence bonus can stack up to 5 times.

Those skill bonuses are not permanent, therefore won't count into your (unbuffed) Dps. However, Battle.net profile page just reflects the Dps at the instance that you last time exit a game, which could include bonus from your own active or real-time passive skills or your teammate skills.

For example, my Witch Doctor's current Dps is about 130k while in-game Dps could be from 130k to 240k, but the unbuffed Dps calculation is actually correct.

Another example, you just finished a moster-slaying game with a monk in team, whose has this active skill activated.

  • Mantra of Retribution with Transgression - Increases attack speed for you and your allies by 8%.

You can easily tell your in-game Dps is higher than your real unbuffed Dps.

3. How you Exit the Game

If you use Alt+F4 or close the Diablo 3 window (in Windows mode) directly, Battle.net profile page could have your items or stats summary not updated or partially updated.

Therefore, if you want to see your profile updated as soon as you exit Diablo 3, please exit the game normally.
In order to exit a game normally, you can

  1. "Leave Game", then "Logout", then "Exit" or press Escape;
  2. Or "Leave Game", then "Exit Diablo III";
  3. Or "Exit Diablo III" directly.