About Diablo 3 Tracker

Hi Diablo fans,

This is aresling. I'm a software developer, a dad of two girls and a boy, and a gamer.
I've been playing Diablo since Diablo 1. Although Diablo 3 has not received as much applause as Diablo 2, I still have a great passion in the game, like millions of active players online.
I'm building this site to let people easily see a complete map of the stats of their Diablo heroes.

It took me a long time to figure out all the calculation formulas. I've seen many apps and Web sites are trying to do so and they end up claiming Diablo 3 actually has bugs displaying numbers including APS, DPS, etc, which is not true. 99% of the in-game numbers are correct. After that, the biggest challenge was to put up all kinds of attributes, and all kinds of sources that can add bonus to the final value, such as item set bonuses, skill bonuses. I feel glad that I finally found enough time to build this up.
I am thankful to those who have been encouraging me to complete this. Meanwhile, I'll keep adding new features to the site. Special thanks to Bruno for the nice logo.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to find a few hours to work on this site, adding features and fixing bugs. You can find my changelog here.